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Mortgages for First Time Buyers in Manchester

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Buying your first property can be stressful and getting the correct mortgage advice can be confusing and time consuming.

At Manchester Mortgages we remove the confusion and save you time and money by getting the right first time buyer mortgage for you.

Are you a first time buyer looking to secure a mortgage?

With over 70 years experience in providing mortgages for first time buyers, Manchester Mortgages have hundreds of mortgage products at our disposal that we can tailor to your specific needs and requirements.

As we are not tied to any lender we are able to get a full understanding of your situation and match the most suitable lender to your personal situation.

We will be able to provide you with an agreement in principle which will provide you with the security of knowing you are in a position to proceed once you have found the right property for you.

The main reasons First Time Buyers use Manchester Mortgages

  • Easy to understand process

  • Access to a wide market of lenders

  • All the hassle taken care of to save on time and stress

  • Experienced advisers who will provide the best financial advise for you

  • Aftercare service once you have moved in your home

  • We can help protect your mortgage with our Life Insurance providers

  • Get the most competitive interest rate that’s right for your circumstances

What is the process of applying for a first time buyers mortgage?

We will meet with you at a convenient time and place to you we are not restricted by Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm hours which most high street lenders are.

We provide you with clear information about all the stages of the house buying process from putting in a offer on a property, finding a solicitor, the costs and the timescales involved in buying your first home, what type of surveys are available and what may be the best option for your situation.

We will help you complete the mortgage application and deal with the paperwork required by the chosen lender, removing all the stress and time involved.

We will liaise with the estate agent/builder/solicitor on your behalf to keep them updated how the application is progressing.

Once we have got a mortgage offer for you we will fully explain why this is the best option for your circumstances.

More importantly we will always encourage you to ask questions as we are here to make your first home purchase an enjoyable experience as possible.

We will also advise you on the options available to you to protect your mortgage.

Once you have bought your first home we will keep in contact with you for you to seek any further advice that you may require.

You are our client and we are here to help you!

Or Call us on 0161 706 0242

Case Studies

A few examples of how we have helped individuals and couples
secure their first mortgage to purchase a home.

Young first time buyers mortgage

How the size of your deposit makes a difference to the interest rate payable

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first time buyer mortgage application bury

Getting a mortgage for a First Time Buyer in Bury

A couple that had been renting for 4 years wanting to purchase their first home.

deposit size for first time buyer

How the size of your deposit makes a huge difference

Discover how the size of your deposit for buying your first home affects your mortgage payments.

FAQ’s for First Time Buyers

Lender will take into consideration Your Income(s), Outgoings , Age , Number of children, Deposit Available, Credit File and term of Mortgage.

Family Member (Parents, Grandparent Brothers & Sisters) and Government Schemes.

You will need at least 2 years accounts or SA 302’s with the majority of lenders.

For more great advice see Manchester Mortgage’s Help and Advice page.

Testimonials from First Time Buyers

‘We were recommended to Manchester Mortgages by our friend who had previously used them for their First property.

Nothing was too much trouble and they were always available to answer our questions.

They put us at ease and made the whole house buying process stress free and easy.

Cannot fault them and will definitely recommend to family, friends and work colleagues,’

Subira and Jack, Withington, First Time Buyers

‘As First Time Buyers we were very nervous regarding buying our first property but after speaking to Manchester Mortgages they put us at our ease and explained the house buying process to us in a friendly and understandable way. Once we had found our property Manchester Mortgages arranged the mortgage and we now own our own home.’

Nigel & Elaine, Monton, First Time Buyers

‘I contacted Manchester Mortgages as I was a First Time Buyer and wanted to know how much I could borrow and how much the mortgage payments would be. After giving a few basic details I was given these answers and was then able to obtain an Agreement in Principle. On having an offer agreed on a house Manchester Mortgages then dealt with arranging and protecting the mortgage.’

Jon, Swinton, First Time Buyer

‘Manchester Mortgages arranged our First Time Buyer mortgage through the Help to Buy Scheme and not only found us a great deal but also recommended a Solicitor and dealt with covering the mortgage with life cover. Manchester Mortgages were there for us every step of the way and made the whole New Build house buying process easy.’

Philip & Claire, Ramsbottom, First Time Buyers

To discuss your personal mortgage requirements please ring 0161 706 0242 for an informal free chat or fill in our contact form.

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