Manchester Mortgages receives a large number of enquiries regarding the amount of deposit required to obtain a mortgage.

The simple answer is that you will need a minimum of 5% with a number of Bank, Building Societies and specialist lenders offering a 95% mortgage.

The interest rates are higher and this is due to the risk to the lender. However not significantly higher than if you were to have a 10% deposit.

The general rule is the more deposit you have the lower the interest rate as it represents a lower risk to the lender.

It is quite common particularly for First Time Buyers to receive assistance from family members like Mum & Dad, Brother & Sister, Grand Parents but is not restricted to these relatives.

Some lenders will allow assistance from non family members also.

The important thing to remember is that if a family member is assisting with a gift it has to be non refundable (NOT A LOAN).

When buying your first property it is important that you fully understand how much you can borrow and how much deposit you will require so you can obtain a full understanding of your mortgage costs.

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