You’ve done it  – after all that searching on the internet and walking around all the local New Build sites you have finally found the property you want and put down the deposit to secure that plot – but what happens now ?

You have already sold your existing property and the buyers are in the process of arranging their own survey / valuation on your property – but your New Build property is just a slab of mud at the moment and will not be ready according to the builder for 5 months.

It is at this point that picking the right mortgage broker and lender is most important – lenders mortgage offers only usually are valid for 6 months and experience tells us at MANCHESTER MORTGAGES that New Build properties usually are not ready on time due to a number of possible things delaying matters such as bad weather, shortages of materials or problems with the installation of gas, electric, water etc to the site.

So it is important to use a mortgage broker with experience when it comes to mortgages for New Build properties who can choose lenders with flexible mortgage that can offer terms that extend past 6 months and allow any delays to be dealt with without any stress.

The advisers at Manchester Mortgages know how to liaise with the staff on New Build sites, lenders valuers and Solicitors to ensure your New Build purchase runs as smoothly as possible.

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