house price bidding warGetting into a bidding war is something that can happen to the best of us when we’ve seen our dream home – but what happens if you’re having to pay over the asking price?


Our clients were married in their early 30s, with joint earnings of £50,000 per year. They had no children and were living with parents to enable them to save for a deposit for their first property.

They found a property they liked in Wythenshawe, Manchester.  Wythenshawe is becoming a desirable area; according to recent statistics, properties in Wythenshawe currently have the highest price increases outside London. The property they wanted to buy was on the market via a local estate agent for £145,000.

Our clients offered £ 138,000 for the property but soon found themselves in a bidding war which eventually led to them having an offer of £153,000 accepted – some £8,000 over the original asking price.

Manchester Mortgages applied for a 90% mortgage on the property   ( £ 137,700 ) through a Building Society offering a two year fixed rate of 2.45% with no arrangement fees and a free standard valuation.


House keys go to highest bidderThe valuer from the lender valued the property at the original asking price of £145,000.

The maximum lenders will lend is based on the purchase price or valuation whichever is the lower – in this case the valuation was lower at £145,000 and therefore the maximum mortgage offered was £130,500.

Therefore in order to complete the purchase our clients would have to increase their deposit to £22,500 – money they simply did not have – and they were reluctant to pay a surplus of £8,000 over the lenders’ valuation.


Manchester Mortgages obtained a copy of the £145,000 valuation from the lender which was given to the clients. We advised them to show the valuation to the estate agent and vendor and ask them to accept a reduced offer of £145,000.

The vendor saw sense and reduced the asking price to £145,000 which allowed our clients to proceed with the purchase.

Not only did our clients get the property at the right price of £145,000 but they also saved £ 800 on the deposit required, another £160 on stamp duty and their mortgage payment was reduced by a further £25 per month ( £ 600 over the next 2 years ) – these savings being based on the £153,000 offer figure.


picture of shoppers in wythenshawe town centre

Our clients now own their property in Wythenshawe and no longer have to live with their relatives.

When purchasing a property with a mortgage it is not the estate agent, vendor or purchaser who decides what the house is worth – it is the lenders’ valuer.

Of course if you are buying a property with your own money for cash you can pay whatever you wish above the asking price – but buyer beware as you may end up over paying !

Manchester Mortgages deal with this and many other types of issue on a daily basis. We have the experience to sort out any mortgage-  related problem for our clients.


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