Why Use An Independent Mortgage Broker?

In this article, we answer a common question, why should you choose to use an Independent Mortgage Broker and what are the advantages of doing so ?

When buying your first property or moving into your next home it is vitally important that you obtain independent advice as to which mortgage is available to you to meet your personal circumstances.

However, lots of purchasers use the services of the appointed mortgage broker of the estate agent or builder they are buying through. They will also use the solicitor recommended by the estate agent or the builder. This is frequently a big mistake that will end up costing you thousands of pounds extra over the life of your mortgage.

This is because the recommended brokers are rarely independent, they are instead working in partnership with the estate agents or builders you are buying from: the mortgage broker will normally be expected to make a payment to the estate agent or builder for the introduction and the same applies with a solicitor.

So is the broker really working on your behalf or the estate agent or the builder ?

It is in the mortgage broker’s interest to ensure that the sale goes through with no real consideration as to whether the property is correct for you.

buying a home

IMPORTANT: Using a independent mortgage advisor will save you £thousands over the life of your mortgage.

So why should you use a independent mortgage broker who is not linked to a estate agent or builder ?

The answer is simple: They work for you and have no interest in the estate agent or the builder and are under no pressure to ensure that the sale goes through.

At Manchester Mortgages we made the decision not to be involved with estate agents or builders as we needed to be impartial when giving our clients advice. We are therefore 100% independent.

We work for you and only you. Not the estate agent, solicitor or builders you are buying from. Since Manchester Mortgages was established we have arranged 1000’s of mortgages for people throughout Greater Manchester and beyond.

We are able to offer a FREE initial consultation at a time and place convenient to you advising you of your borrowing capacity, obtaining an agreement in principle from the lender best suited to your circumstances putting you in a position to put in a offer when you find a property you wish to buy.

We use all the High Street Lenders like Halifax, Santander, NatWest, Nationwide Building Society along with specialist lender like Precise Mortgages, Aldermore and Kensington for clients who may not fit the criteria of traditional lenders because of their employment situation or past credit.

Our industry experienced adviser are available to help you get the correct advice when purchasing your property and will help and assist you throughout the term of your mortgage ensuring that you are paying the most competitive interest rate for your circumstances. We are not just there for the initial mortgage application.

Please feel free to contact us on 0161 706 0242 or email info@manchestermortgages.co.uk with your enquiry and we will be happy to help.