Halifax and Virgin Money Mortgages


When your mortgage rate ends does your lender automatically let you know what your options are ?

…Or do you have to contact them and make an appointment to go and see them in the branch or have a telephone conversation whilst at work? Or when you get home after a busy day at work ?

Are you wanting to borrow some extra money for home improvements or for any other reason?

We are able HELP and take away all the inconvenience and stress and ensure you are getting the best deal available from either the Halifax or Virgin Money.

Both lenders have now given us access (with your permission of course) to review your existing mortgage accounts and advise you what is the best option within their product range. Therefore your lender is coming to you rather than you having to go to them.

This allows you to know what your mortgage payments will be in the future rather than having the uncertainty of switching back to the higher standard variable rate. (Halifax currently 3.99%. Virgin Money currently 4.79%).

This is done simply by contacting us and completing a short questionnaire where we will seek your permission to review your mortgage whether it is with the Halifax or Virgin Money.

We will then review your account and present back to you the best option available to you from your lender, either face to face at a time and place convenient to you or over the telephone if that is what you prefer.

This allows you to then consider our recommendation at your leisure without having to make a snap decision there and then.

If you are happy with our recommendation we will then just simply process the application on your behalf safe in the knowledge you are receiving the best option available for your personal circumstances.

So whether your current rate is about to expire, you are currently on your lender standard variable rate or you want to know what options you may have in the future, give us a call on 0161 706 0242 or use our contact page and one of our advisers will get in touch with you.